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We are a FULL SERVICE Water Garden Center!    

We are a fully stocked
water garden center.

We carry: rubber liner, pumps and filter systems, uv sterilizers, fish food, statuary and spitters, submersible and external pumps, plants, fish, scavengers, pallets of stone,
and much, much more!

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We stock a wide variety of products at competitive prices.

Rubber Liner:
    • Firestone Pond Guard rubber liner in rolls - 45 mil.
(Pond liner in 10’, 15’, 20’, and 25’ widths, cut to your specified length.
Larger sizes available.)

    • Tetra Dyna-mag Pumps
    • Tetra Dyna-tec Pumps
    • Tetra Debris handling OFX Pumps
    • Laguna Maxflo Pumps
    • Pondmaster Statuary Pumps
    • Pondmaster Mag-drive Pumps
    • Pondmaster Hy-drive Pumps
    • Pond Technology waterfallPumps
    • Sequence External Pumps
    • Sequence 750 Series Pumps
    • Sequence 1000 Series Pumps
    • Sequence Power Primer Series Pumps

Filter Systems:
    • Savio Filter/Falls
    • Savio Skimmers
    • Proline Filter/Falls
    • Proline Skimmers
    • Pond Builder Filter/Falls
    • Pond Builder Skimmers

Ultraviolet Sterilizers:
    • Emperor Aquatics Ultraviolet Lights
    • Pondmaster Ultraviolet Lights
    • Tetra Ultraviolet Lights

Fish Food:
    • Tetra Food and Tetra Koi Excellence
    • Gettysburg Water Gardens' Brand

Water Conditioners:
    • Tetra
    • Microbelift
    • Pond Care
    • Filter Systems

In our fish system, we have goldfish, shubunkins, fantails, ryukins, Koi, butterfly koi, and we stock an assortment of Japanese and Israeli Koi.

Tadpoles and snails are also available.

We stock many types of stone for landscaping around your pond including flat stone, and small to
large boulders.
We offer many varieties of plants including marginals, lilies, lotus, floaters, and submersibles. At peak season we have as many as 140 varieties of plants.

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